Property Management & Asset Care

  • Leasing – Finding the right tenant for the property and completing all paperwork
  • Rent Collection – All rents are promptly collected and deposited for you. You will receive a monthly computerized statement showing you all money received on your behalf.
  • Tenant Screening and Selection – If you rent the property to the wrong tenants, this can become a headache for you. Real Estate Professionals make sure to select the right tenant.
  • Tenant Eviction – Sometimes tenants need to be evicted. Real Estate Professionals work directly with a reputable and established legal firm.
  • Monthly Computerized Statement – As a property owner, you will receive different, computerized reports showing all activities including general ledger and each check payment report.
  • Bill Payment – All payments and bills are completed through a computerized system. This allows you to have accurate records of your property.
  • Legal Matters – All legal matters are supervised including City and County issues.
  • Repairs – Real Estate Professionals make sure that all repairs are done at the lowest price and best quality. They always obtain several estimates from reputable companies.
  • On Site Personnel – Real Estate Professionals make arrangements to have on-site personnel when needed.
  • Routine Property Inspection – All properties are inspected by the property managers regularly to make sure that everything is in order and tenants are happy.
  • 24-Hour Phone Service

The Local Realty Property Management can assist you with limited service and full service rental management. If you’re interested in Property Management Services for your Rental Property, please fill out the form below including details regarding your rental property. Once submitted, a property management specialist will contact you promptly.